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Digital technology, the solution to meet the challenges of post-Covid mobility?

The impacts of the health crisis, the rise of new forms of mobility, the opening up to competition and the control of GAFAM over passenger data have completely changed the value chain of public transport operators, leading them to review their offer. Here is an overview of the...

Gregory PASSENHEIM’s interview, DevOps Engineer at Talan Canada

In this employee testimonial, Greg reflects on his career, his duties as a DevOps engineer and a strong memory at Talan.

Low code and RPA, the winning combo of digital business transformation

Today, RPA platforms offer tools that allow business experts to automate their tasks in complete autonomy. With the arrival of low code development platforms at the forefront, the possibilities become endless. However, this democratization must be framed by a governance body.

Meeting with Clémence Trouart, change management consultant

Clémence Trouart, Chaange Management Consultant at Ai3, now Talan, looks back on her career, her missions and her daily life.

What becomes of the school of Artificial Intelligence?

More than a year after the launch of the AI school by Microsoft, Simplon and Talan, Cyril Sacenda and Nicolas Chapon look back on the origins of the partnership, the benefits and bring us the vision of an apprentice.

Happy New Year 2021

Talan whishes you a calm and serene 2021

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Talan Switzerland successfully obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification

Talan Switzerland has been recertified with the world’s most recognized Quality Management System Standard.

Frugal, IoT are words that go together well …

In this article by Gabriel Raymondjean and Gérard Barbosa, learn why taking a frugal approach makes it possible to get IoT projects out of the box and to achieve them successfully.

Smart city: the city of tomorrow must be sustainable and desirable

To reduce their carbon footprint, smart cities make a broad appeal to digital technology, from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence. However, the concept of smart city must not be considered from a technological perspective alone. By Nicolas Cambolin, global director...

Matthieu Borgraeve

Meeting with Matthieu Borgraeve, manager, developer, Ops and agile consultant in Montréal

Matthieu looks back on his career, his daily life and his missions at Talan in Canada.