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Transportation & logistics

TALAN in transportation & logistics

Through a strong industry expertise, selective recruitment, specific trainings, active management and contribution of senior advisors, Talan has been supporting its clients in facing their challenges.

Our teams improve organisations form general management to operations:

  • Operational efficiency:(processes, operational organizational models, economic efficiency analyses, resource management, punctuality)
  • Digital opportunities integration:(master plans, decision-making, data usage, passenger information)
  • Transformation programs:(business transformation/SI framework, choice of solutions, management) 
  • Boost offer management through innovative tools and methods (service redesign, etc.).

The current rail system had profound transformations such as rail reform, opening up to competition, transformation of SNCF from SNCF to SA, SNCF Réseau's position as a major architect of the rail network, changing role of the organising authorities and customer relations, and technological developments. This is a challenge for many stakeholders: passenger and freight rail transport companies, infrastructure managers, authorities, regulators, etc.


Our business expertise

Our business expertise:

  • Rail Production
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Order Management
  • Implementation of European Standards

Examples of Ongoing Projects

  • Redesign and Optimization of the Agile IT platform: 40 consultants since 2017
  • Implementation of a contract manager unit: 1 consultant since August 2017
  • Project management of the transport plan management tool: 2 consultants since 2013