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Meeting with Soazig, Recruiter/HR Manager

Soazig, Recruiter/HR Manager, answers our questions.

Could you introduce yourself and your career path?

I am an HR Manager. I started my career as a Management consultant at Eurogroup in Paris La Defense. Prior to joining Talan, I worked at AREVA, a leader in the energy industry, as an HR Director. I held different positions, both in Paris, France and in London, UK. My last position was HR Director of Engineering and Instrumentation Business Unit. Working at Talan as an HR Manager is a combination of the beginning of my career as an operational consultant and my HR experience. I moved to New York in 2017 with my husband and four children. Shortly after my arrival, I met Brigitte Gouarin and Laurence Ruiz, who both introduced me to Talan, Fayna and the team. In addition to my work at Talan, I am leading the USA East Coast branch of the Women Initiative Foundation, to promote gender equity in the workplace.


What are your current duties/missions?

Currently, one of our greatest challenges at Talan is to enhance the recruitment process. A few of our priority roles include support, developers, business analysts and project managers. We are looking for candidates with several years of experience, and with an IT or financial background. Candidates have to be curious, flexible and willing to develop their competences to evolve in different contexts.

One of our main goals is to promote the Talan Business Consulting offer, from designing to executing business transformation, and in particular the development of the Talan Change and Optimization Practice.

We aim to develop connections with universities in order to recruit alumni, promote international mobility with Talan’s other entities, create new opportunities and career paths so that everyone can discover their playfield.

What 3 words would you use to Introduce Talan?

Warm atmosphere: nice work environment, very welcoming, open and fun

Teamwork : capitalize on our diverse experiences with pragmatism and humility

Entrepreneurial spirit: dare, take risk and experiment when necessary 


At Talan, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

Talan's future is in our hands and we will build it together. I am passionate about people and cultural differences. I love meeting candidates who come from all over the world. Working in New York City is really incredible on that matter.


Could you describe a strong memory since you have joined Talan?

I really enjoy the daily life at the office. We have a lot of fun every day with the team members and I get to meet many different people from different cultures and experiences.


Which person inspires you the most? Who would you like to work with?

I am very admirative of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG. I find her very inspiring. I am impressed by her personality and all the work she has accomplished on gender equality in the USA. Of course, I would have loved to work with her. In an interview with 10th Circuit Bench & Bar Conference at the University, she mentioned "[W]hen I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say ‘When there are nine.’ People are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that…"