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[FORUM] CSR, a responsability of all

CSR has often been confined to a secondary role in companies. Thanks to the french “Pacte” law enacted last May, amendments to the Civil Code now allow companies to give meaning to their activity.


This evolution puts CSR at the heart of decision-making, by going beyond individual responsibility to real accountability for all: employees, management, directors and, more broadly, all stakeholders. There is truly a before and after the PACTE Law. Before, this approach was voluntary, today the law is binding.

At Talan, we believe that we must act to help build a future with more inclusive growth through digital technology. Our business as a player in business transformation places us at the heart of a vast ecosystem of stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, partners, associations, training organizations, public actors, etc.). Thanks to our very active CSR policy, we set up many concrete measures that benefit all these players.

CSR, a social issue

Through our history, we are convinced that the diversity of nationalities, genders, backgrounds or experiences is a real strength and makes our company richer. Our group is committed to a more open and inclusive society. In order to achieve this, we developed numerous training courses and company chairs within prestigious schools that enable us to act and transmit our values to students well in advance.

We are also working to democratize the learning of cutting-edge technologies (Dumont d'Urville Meetings, AI seminars with our clients), to address ethical and societal issues and to support innovative and positive projects for tomorrow's world. This is why we are involved in the “Impact AI” project alongside Microsoft and why we welcomed the authors of the book "The AI Not Without Women" for an evening of sharing regarding their research and reflections on cognitive biases.

Indeed, at Talan, we are convinced that being a learning company is one of the solutions to build a more inclusive and prosperous future, whether with our employees, our customers, our partners or with future generations. It is essential to constantly exchange, to learn from each other in order to understand the benefits of new technologies on everyone's daily lives.

CSR, an environmental issue

Beyond daily actions to make behaviours evolve, we are convinced that the co-construction of solutions with a high environmental impact is the key to a strong change of our society.

Our SUN (Startup Network) system allows us to integrate technological startups offering operational solutions into our offer. For example, in the energy management field, large-scale solutions enable local authorities, large companies and public actors to make substantial energy savings within a few months. In this case, our impact on society is very concrete.

We are aware of the progress we made in the past years and the emergency of a significant commitment to CSR. It is up to each of us to be the driving force to make this cause a collective success.